The need to express yourself

risk taking

risk taking

In the last couple of weeks I felt the urge to express myself. But why would I do it? What is it so important that I need to put into the world how I perceive reality at some point in time? Why should people know? Or worse, care?

The efforts I make to be kind are sometimes in vain as more than three people described me through the word “direct” in the last four weeks only. I have to agree with the fact that I usually say what I think, but I also keep and open mind as I might be wrong. And that’s the thing, I say what I think in order to communicate in a helpful manner and to avoid problems.

broken glass

broken glass

But this self expression I referred to above is not the same. I don’t feel like writing a blog post about a certain topic. I don’t feel like writing my thoughts in my journal. No, no, no. I want to paint or write some piece of fiction that unveils in a creative manner what I think and how I feel.

Whether I do it or not is beyond the point I try to make here.

What is important is why would I let all that in the world? What’s the point?


We are so many people on the planet and, with the advancement of social media, more or less relevant self-expression content is daily produced by all of us. So why should I post something else? It can’t be new, it is most certainly irrelevant and the only person who’d gain something is me.

Well, I am still pondering. It must be so exhausting to be an artist.

Make today count!

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