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My name is Anca and I'm here to share ideas, perspectives and experiences.

I'm addicted to coffee, smart conversations and movement. I believe that great things can be achieved through hard work, perseverance and being a good human. It also takes some courage, believing in yourself and the discipline to follow through.

My site is for those who are interested in living in happy communities, for those who know their happiness lies in their heads, bodies and souls and for those who never stop learning.

Thank you for following me in this great journey we call life. I post in the blog section every Saturday.


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The charming streets of Edinburgh

Gaudeamus 2023 - Impressions

SWIC 2023

Notes on my dad's passing

Munich with friends

Walking in August

I lived my American dream for about two weeks. So I wrote about it:

The big finale: what we disliked, liked and loved about our trip

I must face the facts: it's almost the end of September and the academic year is about to start. There is much preparation to be done and even though I find joy reminiscing about our summer extravaganza, it is probably time to accept that the past is gone and turn my glance upon the future, which will be impressive as well.

To get my closure, I wrote a post about the things we liked very little, the things we liked very much and those we loved. I thank the boyfriend for his contribution. You can read it HERE!

Make the day count!

New York city adventure

My four days New York experience in a nutshell. With pictures. Check it out HERE.

Feeling grateful

We were given a great chance when Sonia&Răzvan proposed to take a trip to the Ocean. We were expecting it to be great, but we had no idea how much prettiness we were about to be in.

So thankful and grateful for the amazing experience. I am sharing more pictures HERE.

Our time in Seattle and surroundings

In this post I wrote a little something about spending time in the big city and in a few smaller ones by Lake Washington. Oh, the joy of the unknown and the unplanned, while on vacation.

More will appear by clicking here.

Part 2 of the USA trip is now posted on the blog

We came back from the best vacation I ever had. I am writing on my blog about it because how could I not? We met my friends since faculty, we spent time in cities and we enjoyed so much what nature in Washington state has to offer. Just published information about the first two days spent in Sammamish. To enjoy part two, read here.

The beginning of our American experience

I wrote HERE about how our adventure started, including how we spent the first day. Hint: there was a lot of walking and nature admiration. For more, click HERE.