End of week in Timisoara

Unirii Square

In the mid of June 2022 I’ve been in a course on social policy organised by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Romania which was held in beautiful Timișoara. This post is more about the city than about the course, but I promise I’ve been there the entire time and learned a lot of new things.

This is one of the cities I first learned about, as one of my grandmother’s best friends moved there from Brașov a few decades ago. From what I read during my childhood, I learned that it’s a magical place.

Alba Iulia Street

I’ve first visited in 2012 and I enjoyed the atmosphere, though at the time many building were in dire need of restoration. Now, in 2022, I admired it’s treasures and am quite sure I still have things to see…

Central Park Anton von Scudier

First of all, I’ve decided to make the trip from Bucharest to Timișoara and back by train; yes, it takes 10 hours, but I can sleep during this time and I don’t have to wait in the airports. For me this was the best choice. The highlight of the ride was on the way to Timișoara when I woke up at about 4am and saw the moon mirrored in Danube. Breathtaking.

Train ride

I arrived early in the morning and until the course started I could have a large cup of coffee, worked a little, walked in the city centre and by Bega river and enjoyed the city.

Bega river

Another stroll I took on Saturday late afternoon and in the evening, when I did some book shopping and walked around the city centre and Fabric neighbourhood.

Church in Fabric

On Sunday afternoon I went to the mall – was curious despite the fact that I don’t enjoy shopping that much – and then back in the city centre. Had a large coffee at Manufaktura, read and enjoyed people watching in Unirii square.

Coffee with a view

I then took the train back. Despite having to wait a few hours until the 10pm train, the time seemed to go by very fast as there were many things I wanted to do.

Gara de Nord in Timisoara – Train station

I had a lovely time in Timișoara and, besides the city, I enjoyed the training and meeting new people.

Here’s a short video of life in the main square during a Friday morning.

Video în Unirii Square

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