Walking in sunny Bucharest


In the last few years, my Julys focus on two things: (a) birthdays of family members and friends and (b) work aka the admission process.

I won’t deny that it’s more of the second than the first. It’s what I am thinking most of the time and what I prioritise beyond anything else. It plays right in there with my love for spreadsheets, team work and contributing to something that matters to me.


Needless to say it remains little time for a lot of the other things I like, such as reading, walking long distances, watching vlogs, going out, working out, spending time with family and friends. But it’s just for a few weeks and then summer holiday finally begins.

Purple in Cismigiu

In summer, I like most to swim and to just be outside. I like hanging out in the evenings and nights with my friends, going to the seaside, hiking, eating fruits and vegetables, reading on the beach or by the pool or outside on a bench, not having to worry about going from meeting to meeting or missing a phone call. And then, I wish I’d like summer more than I do.

street art and a church

I blame my aversion to the season on the heat. I just can’t stand how there are portions in the middle of the day when it’s absolutely impossible to be outside without being too hot. I feel tired most of the day unless air conditioning is on at a normal temperature (by which I mean at around 25 degrees Celsius). Everything is slow and I feel bored more than I like to admit – it’s not that it’s not also interesting every now and then, but it takes such an effort to do the smallest things.

A few days ago I’ve seen a story posted by someone I follow on Instagram sharing how much she enjoys a view in Bucharest I also like and thought how nice it is when someone who lives in my home town actually enjoys spending time in the capital. It inspired me in taking a walk in a part of Bucharest I always liked.


Walking coffee then water in hand in a Bucharest with less cars because everybody tries to get away in summer is so refreshing. People are more relaxed, the streets are walkable and the buildings are so beautiful.

home – restaurant

Well, it seems to me that this summer is somehow better. The temperatures are high this year as well, but I guess I decided to do what I want to do despite the burning heat. Far be it from me to call summer my favourite time of the year every time soon, but there’s something about enjoying the small moments that makes this summer special.

There’s not much planned except for reading, writing and hiking, but I am looking forward to a wonderful time.

Make today count!

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reading with a second cup of coffee