Enjoy Sighisoara

I first went to Sighisoara in high-school. Me and my friend Simona took a one day trip to visit. I still remember the train ride took four hours, as we bought tickets for the train which made the most stops. It was fine, we did not have much money and we did felt like we have enough time. I remember that we visited the fortress and a few places nearby, we had pizza and headed back home.

It’s not how I imagined it, but I very much enjoy this globe therefore here it is.

Since then, I took many trips to Sighisoara, some for personal interest, some for work. Being that the city is located approximately 100 km away from my hometown and that it is a beautiful UNESCO protected fortress, it always felt to me that it made much sense to visit.

With time, I even believe that I have developed what can be called a Sighișoara feeling: when I arrive in the fortress I feel safe, at peace and present, I feel joy and curiosity for how people used to live there, how their day to day was.

It was a very relaxing trip, with much walking, watching movies, reading a little and talking. It was one of those times when I didn’t even took my laptop out of my luggage.

We walked within the fortress many times. I believe we walked on most streets. The first thing that impressed me was how nice the houses were arranged for the holidays.

The lights and the decor were beautiful at day or night-time. We even went out of the fortress, in the city, to look at houses as well.

We shopped a little; I bought chewing gum for the first time in years and winter themed masks – as we will probably not get rid of them soon, what I could at least do is be season appropriate.

Also great was the accommodation we found. We stayed at Taschler Haus which was a great choice. It’s very close to the main attraction of Sighisoara (the Clock Tower), but I mostly enjoyed how comfortable the room was, how beautiful the decor was and how hospitable the hosts are.

I am not going to lie, what mostly mattered to me was that good coffee was available free of charge at any moment during the day, same as water. This was the first thing to impress me and made me feel at home.

In the morning there were croissants, fruits, yogurt and cereals and coffee and tea available. The boyfriend and I really enjoyed this treat, as it was available after we woke up which was mostly late morning.

The internet connection was great and I could watch some movie streaming platform to which I am subscribed. I found a new series which unfortunately for my sleep I’ve finished sooner than I should have. In my defence, if such a behaviour can be defended, I really enjoyed watching it.

Our home for three days!

The boyfriend could even print something for work because the hosts proposed it when he asked for a printing place. It’s nice to stay in places like these. Yes, it was not the cheapest place, but it wasn’t expensive either. And it’s just wonderful to stay in places where it feels closer to home.

I am not paid to advertise and I hope they don’t mind me writing this post. The truth is we spent most time in the room because it’s winter and I needed to rest after 2021.

Even though I’ve been to Sighisoara, I don’t remember visiting the main locations: the Clock Tower and the Church on the Hill.

The Clock Tower is impressive: it’s one of the nine towers of the fortress and it’s nearby what I consider to be the main entry in the fortress. The entrance fee was 16 Ron per person (approximatively 3 EUR). The building hosts the museum of history which presents information about the craftsmen of the city, a miniature of the fortress and the mechanism of the beautiful clock, among other objects. I wanted to see the panorama though, as there is a higher floor with a surrounding balcony.

The Clock Tower

The Church on the Hill was a wonderful surprise. It is located on the hill and it’s accessible from the fortress. There are stairs or a paved road which allows visitors to reach the top of the hill. Besides the Church, there are a school, a cemetery and a tower on the hill. To walk up the hill and on the top is free of charge. To visit the Church requires a fee; we paid 8 Ron each, which means less than 2 EUR. The fee is more than reasonable considering it granted access inside, the possibility to listen to a guide presenting the displayed objects and allowed up to take photos.

Church on the Hill

I recommend both of the sites. I especially enjoyed the Church on the hill, mostly because I was impressed by their services. And that they had gingerbread in their Christmas tree.

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