It has been a while…

…since I’ve last posted.

The truth is that I’ve been thinking about how to continue this website and I haven’t yet reached a conclusion. What I know is that it is going to change.

Ever since I’ve started, I wanted a creative outlet for my thoughts while learning to navigate this world. At first it was just fine to post and build with time, considering that I do this activity because I like the online world and I value having my own corner of the internet.

However, because of other priorities, I didn’t really manage to find the time to reflect on how to best pivot forward and I basically went one week at a time in the effort to create the habit of posting once per week.

Last October was transforming for me as all of the sudden I accepted that I need to start facing reality as it is and stop looking at life through the “life as I wanted it to be” lens. In other words, I just wanted to get painfully real.

One thing I realised was that there is not really time to figure things out as I go along, but rather I wanted to have a plan. Not deciding what I want to do and writing about whatever is going on in the week is worse on the long term than picking out a path and working on it. Not having a clear direction is demotivating – I’ve tried that and now it’s time for change.

Another thing is that I want to post higher quality content much more focused on my interests and on what I do with my time, such as participating in conferences, writing articles, working on the next book, teaching and interacting with students and developing skills.

I want the website to be useful and to find its audience: people interested in social research, social work research, social policy, digitalising societies and democracy.

I keep working out and I keep taking walks and enjoying nature, but the reality is that my website wasn’t really set up in order to present my hobbies, but my work.

And that is especially true since I am one of those people who are lucky enough to find a job that mostly matches their interests and aligns with their core values.

With this being written, please expect new things to come on this website.

While some things change, others stay the same:

Make today count!

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