Take it to the woods

We’re having an amazing autumn. It was warm [most of the time] and the colours of leaves ranged from green to yellow to red to brown. This year I’ve been fascinated with the yellow leaves; I created a lot of walking contexts in order to best enjoy the changes of this season. To have even more, I’ve decided to take a break and go for a one-day trip last Sunday to my beloved Sinaia.

Leaving the train station, one needs to take the stairs or to walk up the road in order to reach the town. Sinaia, October 2019

Too many memories connect me to this place, but every time I get here I find a new facet of the town. I like it better when I go with people I love to spend time with, while I don’t necessarily mind being on my own. It initially planned to be a one day date with myself, but I ended up going with the boyfriend and we were briefly joined by my mother. Which gave us a chance to both hang out over coffee in the park and hike for a little bit.

Lovely yellow tree in Dimitrie Ghica Park, Sinaia, October 2019

The park was superb. The sky bright blue and mostly clouds free. The sun was shining bright enough. There were many tourists and locals walking the streets of the park, running or playing on the grass or in the set-up places. The fountain was adding more elegance to the place.

Dimitrie Ghica Park, Sinaia, October 2019

Hanging out with my mother is a treat, as it happens much less than I’d like. We talked for a couple of hours, enjoyed our cappuccino and discussed the challenges of the youth in various regimes.

Up at 1400 m, Sinaia, October 2019

We walked her to the train station and decided to move up the mountain to enjoy some romantic moments with a view. It was 4pm and we were not the only people at 1400m. However, it was rather quite and serene. We ate together and discussed the results of the previous week, we discussed the plans for the week to come and gazed at the wonderful view.

On the way to the town from Cota 1400

We decided to walk down which was one of the less brilliant ideas I have. I think I saw a wolf and in less then 45 minutes it got dark, while we were still trying to reach the town.

On the way down from Cota 1400
It’s getting darker, Sinaia, October 2019
Lovely tree on our way down from Cota 1400, Sinaia, October 2019

Just when I began to panic, two nice men stopped their car and gave us a ride into town. We were both mad [him] and sorry [me], but we have this communication set in place which supports us to speak openly, in calm tones and not fight.

No filter, Dimitrie Ghica Park, Sinaia, October 2019

It could have totally be blown out of proportions, but we went back to the park, sat on the bench watching the stars and decided it wasn’t the best decision we’ve ever made, we should be more cautions/informed when taking risks and that we should let it go so that we’d enjoy our evening. This is the most mature manner of fighting I’ve ever been in. Nobody was yelling, we were both to blame, we were both grateful it ended up fine and so we just added a one more anecdote to our life together. I do hope it gets better than this.

Some filter, Dimitrie Ghica Park, Sinaia, October 2019

We went for a coffee to stay warm until our train left in a couple of hours and used the down time to prepare a presentation for an upcoming conference where I’ll be presenting results from a project in which we’re working together.

We read/wrote on the train ride home, took an uber at 10pm and fell fast asleep [me]. Best way to end a week.

Make today count.

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