USA Trip – Gone camping: Lake Crescent and the Pacific Ocean (part 4 of 6)

Lake Crescent

This part of the trip was the most exciting one.

Not only we got to ride the car, during which we played and spoke more at ease, but it was the period of firsts: first time when we slept in a tent, first time when we saw an Ocean, first time when I threw rocks and made waves, first time when we rode a canoe and first time when we enjoyed a cup of coffee in the morning, by the lake.

Too pretty to spoil it all with words [not that I ever do it], so I will let the pictures talk [Also, I am at the seaside ready to start the day at the beach!].

I’ll just say that every day I am thankful for being able to live through such beautiful moments.

Till next time: Make the day count.

Relaxation after dinner at Lake Crescent
Wathing the sun go down on Lake Crescent.
On the way to discover what’s the blue thing in front of us. Lake Crescent.
Happy the morning came and none of my last night scenarios came alive at Lake Crescent.
Playing Maca at Lake Crescent.
Stoll on the lake. It’s the first time we rode together and it was trully exciting. And scarry. But I left out the scarry part while on the water.
Pacific cold. Different type of cold.
This view was breathtaking. It proves that something is beautiful in the eyes of who’s watching.
I am not sure why I was showing something when our picture was taken. Nor towards what I was pointing. It looks serious though. And it shows that I do sometimes point to things, though I dislike it.
We were chosing which rocks to throw at Pacific Ocean.
On the way back, we’ve learned some US state politics in Washington State.

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