Agree to disagree

I’ve come to realize a couple of months ago that some people like to have arguments. They enjoy conflict. They function best when they have the last word. Sure, knowing they are right is helping as well. The conflict seems to give them more energy to prove a point, to be productive and to work more. Conflict fuels them. Same as competition, especially when the competition is open.

It’s probably one of the most valuable lessons for me. I am someone who likes being polite, believes a calm, welcoming environment is providing more stimulation for work and enjoyment.

So, it’s no wonder that I truly question the true power of conflict over productivity. Isn’t constant conflict eventually ending in the person’s burn-out? Are people working efficiently towards serving their client? Or are they working towards proving their point or having influence over other’s decisions in order to get things their way?

I am quite competitive myself, I learned after I was told, but in order to create most positive effects for the most people I can I am quite open to compromise. By these compromises I refer to situations which are aligned with my values, even though they are different than what I wanted in the first place. However, the ideas may be good and a little adjustment from my side may result in personal growth.

Therefore, if people are empowered by conflicts, what’s the reason for not maintaining one in relation to them?

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