The habit of posting

One of the habits I try to include in my routine is to write a weekly post, on Wednesdays [later edit: on Saturdays]. Yesterday I forgot. I usually prepare it in advance, to avoid this situation.

Now, I could feel guity and discouraged and postpone it even more, as the limit I set for myself was crossed over. But I don’t want to feel this way and I don’t want to behave as such.

I chose to laugh at myself for being so strict and to understand that, despite the wishes of my intentional self, things happen and my reactional self needs to take over for some time. It happens and it means very little overall.

I post now and work on a plan to avoid this situation in the past (future, I mean future), as much as I can. I don’t say it will not happen again, I am saying it is important enough for me to continue to write and post. So important, that giving it up because I missed a self imposed deadline is not an option.

Happy thoughts from Cluj-Napoca

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