Happy 2020!

New Year’s Eve, Brașov, 2019-2020

It’s 2020, the last year of the decade. It feels fresh, with its two twos and two zeros. It makes me happy trying to write it without mistaking.

I wish 2020 to bring a lot of good things, situations and results. Most of all, I wish that we all have a good year. That we are all becoming more responsible in our lives and jobs, that we treat each other with more empathy, consideration and kindness and that we make efforts to understand more who we are and how our behavior contributes to the shape of the world in which we live. [So, not too much].

Drumul vechi al Poienii, Brașov, January 2020

I’ve started my year with a concert in the main square in Brașov and a hike in the next morning. I always like a good walk, but on my way to the forest, I had serious doubts whether this was a good idea. I took no water with me and I was overdressed [it’s because I am always overdressed, I just underestimate my body’s ability to stay warm]. My boots had a little bit of heel and I wasn’t sure whether I can manage to hike on the snow. I worried there might be ice. I felt tired and wanted to stay in, to read or sleep until it’s appropriate to go to work again [I have a busy January in front of me; I really, really, really don’t want to hurry myself through it, so working each day seems like a must].

Drumul vechi al Poienii, Brașov, January 2020

But I let those feelings and thoughts play out in my mind and kept walking. In the middle of the hike I felt incredibly grateful. For being there. For seeing the other people and animals being on the same road, engaged in similar activities. There are these moments when I just know I am where I need to be. That was one of those moments. I was present.

Poiana Brașov, January 2020.

I am back at work now, taking one task at a time, while still enjoying the vacation vibes.

Wishing you to make 2020 good! Make today count!

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