How to change the world of what I liked about the Backstreet Boys concert

We, Laura, Vlad, the boyfriend and I were eating out one Saturday evening this January [or was it February?; anyway, it was still winter] and Laura mentioned that BSB will be on a European tour this summer and that we should go. She played us some new songs at the end of the New Year’s Eve and it sounded good. But to go at a concert in another city from another country? We barely go to concerts in Bucharest.  

I looked at the boyfriend, he looked back at me: we didn’t really want to go. It sounded good though to go on a trip together. We didn’t say no. We were not saying yes either.

We kept looking at each other, unsure. But Laura was hyped, she loved the idea and she was so happy. It’s so nice to see her so genuinely thrilled [I like to see happy people and take part in their true joy]. I looked at the boyfriend, he was looking at Laura. I looked at Laura. All of the sudden we were checking locations of the concert and prices for the plane tickets:

Paris? Expensive plane tickets. Dublin?! Dublin sounded good. Prices of the plane tickets? Good as well. Do we go?

The boyfriend and I looked at one another again. I wanted to go to Dublin. He wanted to go to Dublin.

“But we will also visit, right? We don’t just go to the concert?” “Of course, we will” [And we did, but that’s not this is about].

So, we kind of just bought the concert tickets & the plane tickets. After that we started searching for accommodation.

I believe that in less than twenty minutes we had a vacation of four days planned. One more thing to get completed from my 19 for 2019 list [I took the idea from Gretchen Rubin and mine actually has more, but it’s to be shared in the future]. We couldn’t believe it has all been planned.

The boyfriend and I talked about this in the following days and were both quite surprised by how we said yes when we actually were not thrilled about the prospect of BSB in concert. Now, I listened to their songs in junior high, but the boyfriend was really not interested. I felt a bit weird to push this on him, but I also really wanted to visit Dublin together, so “he’ll be just fine” I said.

And, boy, I’ve never been happier for being wrong in my life

[OK, maybe I’ve been, but this is for emphasis, so give me this one, please].

I had an incredible time the entire concert-related period. It was all just great:

  • Time with the boyfriend: We had time for ourselves before the concert so we went to get ice coffees and walked from the city centre to the concert location. We arrived an hour too soon so we spent time on a bench, just talking and watching the people running by the river or going places after work;
  • Staying in line: We got together at 19:00 and we needed about 90 minutes to get in so we stayed in many lines, talking and being so shocked that there are so many people going in. Our excitement increased with realising we are going to a concert in another country [what is more luxurious than this, really?], that there are so many other people just like us who wanted to see the band and that the lines are sooooo incredible long, but move very fast because we are in a country where the people are actually treated like responsible adults;
  • Waiting in line for toilet [I kind of waited twice for this reason, once before entering the arena, but that turned out to be unsuccessful; boy, I see a pattern here…Am I a standing in line kind of girl?!]: There was a line to get to the toilet in the arena, another long line. But the line moved so quickly because there were many toilets and many sinks with soap and towels so it was just 10 minutes wait for about 50 people in front of me.
  • The arena: And then I found my sit and the arena was the largest one I’ve been in. Impressive;
  • Drinks [now, this is common, I was happy to get something to drink after all the standing in lines. Thanks, Vlad, so staying on yet another line to get it to me though. Highly appreciated]: So, I got a sugarless Pepsi and it was perfection. Really, what else could I have wanted? I felt so grateful in that moment, for just being there. I’ve been to concerts and I’ve travelled and I’ve been in fancier contexts, but that moment, right there, before the concert was when I’ve felt so present and so happy to just be there;
  • Opening band: And then a band started singing and I just wanted to have the concert started;
  • The main event: I’ve waited for some more minutes, but then at about 21:30 if I remember correctly, the concert started;
  • The vibes: And the crowd went crazy. Check the Youtube video to see reactions [just listen to the first three minutes. And then go to 22:40 for my favourite song]. There were two ladies in front of us who danced and sang the entire time – so free, so happy, so nice to see that;
  • The crowd: In all the singing with the band and all the support they received from the public I felt like I was part of history being made. cheering, singing, dancing, all throughout the concert;
  • The walk to the city centre: we walked and had fast food at 12:30. There, I’ve said it [wrote]. There were people on the street talking about the concert, singing, just walking in the same direction as we were. We talked among ourselves, about the concert and life as a student, among others. We than ate and got a car to be driven “home” to get some sleep in preparation for all the information [beer] we were going to consume at the museum [beer factory] the next day.

My most important lesson from the concert: these guys have the power to change the world. Music [and art] has the incredible power to make people happy, to enjoy the simple moment in which they are and to appreciate and be grateful for what they have right here, right now.

And when they like it, people follow and express it by singing along. Make something that speaks [other form of expression] to people’s hearts in special moments in their lives and they will follow. Help people find meaning in where they are in their lives and they will not forget it when you’ll be back.

If this can’t change the world, I am not sure what can.

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