How to overcome procrastination

I am thinking of this issue as I am trying to work harder than usual to get myself do the work I need to do.

I used to love to write. It was my favourite thing and I was sure that I will be a writer someday. Despite the fact that I didn’t seem to have much talent for it. In the sense that I wasn’t praised by many.

However, with time, writing became more and more difficult, that being that except for those very precise tasks: grocery list, report for work, to do lists, presentations, notes taking. But writing in my journal? Or writing for a publication? Blank pages waiting for months for me to finally do work. Work getting done close to the deadline, with lots of efforts and promises to myself to not do it again. Ever. Ever lasts until the next deadline.

I started to analyse my problem and among the causes was that I can’t say NO when someone asks for my help with something. I love to be of service. But my giving stands in the way of me actually doing the work that matters. Good, I know what matters, I know I could do the remaining work in one week. Clear the schedule. Done.

Another cause is that I can’t manage to get myself to stay focused, alone, for more than 30 minutes. I panic and I search for human contact. Which is so easy to find: take my phone, make a call, check social media, watch a video. Feel guilty about it. Then watch some movies, I am anyway not going to write today, obviously, so I should better relax, I work too hard. Sure, but the days go by and instead of 7, there are 5 left.

The only thing I need to do is to make the decision to work. Just that. Make the decision and then do the work. Write. Think. Immerse in it. Be one with it. No buts, no excuses. Just finish this post and Go Do That Work.

Ok, one more cup of coffee and then work.


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