Thinking of Christmas

Cloudy day in the city of Brasov, December 2020

This week has been hard for me. Mostly because I didn't get to go outside as much as I need. Yes, I need the walking, the being in the cold, the nature and they city.

Piața Sfatului in Brașov the day before the tree was lit, December 2020.

Instead, I worked on projects I like, I've been in meetings, [online, of course, as these are the norm these days], I read, I cleaned and tried to workout more than the once a week I managed did in the last couple of months.

Work break on a recent Wednesday afternoon. December 2020

What's been different, though, is that I started running again. I have this park where I used to run when I was in high-school, so I am motivated to take some laps despite the cold. I managed to go twice a week so far, which is not much but is fun. I use the time to catch up on podcasts or to think of solving small work-related problems I face on the day to day [people who say on-line teaching is easy have not been doing it themselves].

The Brasov sign is hidden by nature. I just love gloomy weather.

Cleaning the house for Christmas got me into thinking more about how we're going to spend the one day and a half of not working [really, I have so much reading and writing to do that I will probably have half work days which is totally fine with me]; I get excited by the prospect of having close to less than 3 online meetings for about two weeks, so...

Yet another picture from yet another walk in the city centre. What else to do during the pandemic and stay safe?

Now, what we know is that we'll make a carrot cake, we'll make the Christmas tree and we'll probably listen to some carols, paint and spent time with family. I may also work on my list of activities for the new year.

How's your Christmas going to be?

We drank too much hot chocolate with marshmallows from Cupa cafe in Brasov Civic Centre. It's very good

. Make today count!

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