A weekend in Brasov

Last week, finally, after two months away, I couldn’t spend yet another weekend in work town and needed to go back in my home town. I am always excited to go back home, to Brașov. This time, I was both happy and impatient. Not only is the city lovely and cold (which I love, love, love), but my family and most of my friends are there. Which means it’s almost always about hanging out with people I love.

All of this however hasn’t determined me to buy train tickets on time and had to take a later-than-I wished train. Because of their prices and not messing us in the relationship with those who travel, I usually choose Regiocalatori and recommend it to everybody. All in all, my experience with this company is always great. So I took the 18:06 train to Brașov from Regiocalatori.

The ride home was good, again, as I spent most of the time reading. I started by listening to music and watching 10 minutes of a movie, but even to my surprise, I got easily bored. I was feeling tired after a busy and emotional week in which I ended a 44-months working contract. The book is definitely something which interests me deeply [WWII] so I managed to stay up during the entire trip of three hours and 15 minutes. Met my brother in the train station, talked a little bit on the way, said hello to my parents and got directly into bed. There are these days when I wake up constantly early [5 to 6 am] and by 8:30 pm I am extra sleepy and paying attention to others is absolutely draining.

Also, I enjoy to see infrastructural developments in Brasov.

New sidewalk going to Tractoru, in Brasov, December 2019

Saturday morning came, I woke up at the insistence of family members; my brother kept saying: “Wake up, you said you have to work in the morning.”. It was 8:40. And he was right, so I got up, worked for a couple hours, went to cut my hair [as I haven’t manage to find someone to cut my hair in a decent manner at a decent price in Bucharest, which actually works in my favor] and then spent time with my brother shopping and eating. It’s amazing how good we get along. He turned up to be a decent adult who follows his interests in a mature and pragmatic manner, which I admire deeply. Really lucky to be siblings.

Riding together in 2017

After that I got home and ready to go at my best friend’s home, Adriana, for coffee and catching up. Our friendship is based on years spent arguing over ideas, values, purpose and life goals [serious stuff]. I guess we both like walking, we both like coffee, we both like analyzing situations, so we remained close despite distance after high-school. After we finished drinking the coffee, we went shopping on Saint Andrew’s day and went to our other best friend’s house for a birthday party reunion. We ate and talked and had fun. After that, I went home, got ready and went to bed.

The girls are best friends since high-school: Emi, Simo, Adri, Oana & me (from right to left)

The next morning, I talked to my parents and went for a late morning cup of coffee with my two twin cousins. We catch up with each other and enjoy our coffee. I must say, being in the same family and all three of us born in September 1989 created an unpaired sense of commonality and belonging. Really great to be so lucky.

After our cousins’ chat, we went shopping briefly and parted ways until next time. I went home, had lunch, met Simo to retrieve the sweater I forgot and chatted for a little while. After that I went home & spent time with my parents.

1st of December, National Day in Romania, the “Brasov” sign is wearing the flag’s colours!

Then I met Adriana and walked for a couple of hours through cold and crowds to see the Christmas tree and the lights. We stopped for pizza, cake and coffee at our favorite fast-food place and, despite the cold, walked all the way back home.

Piata Sfatului, Brasov, 2019.
2019 Christmas tree in Brasov, first evening with the Christmas lights on!

I was not tired this Sunday evening, but I needed to wake up at 5:30 am on the next morning, so going to bed as soon as possible was crucial for next day’s success.

I managed to wake up and leave on time with the 7:00 train back to the capital city. I arrived home tired, so I spent the entire day in bed: on Whatsapp and Netflix, and out of bed: doing sports and reading a little bit; which was completely different than planned. But all in all, I had a few relaxing days which fueled the remaining of the working week.

Let’s make today count!

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