Went hiking

Last Sunday was all about walking.

It was one of those days when we woke up early, had a light, but filling breakfast, a cup of coffee, some water, got ready and out the door. We chose the streets depending on the best place to get coffee – and we got one each.

Although it was late morning, the sun was shining so bright that I went to buy sunscreen. It totally slip my mind before, but the discomfort of walking in the sun was an unkind reminder.

Right when we finished the coffees, we surprisingly met family members and we decided to hike the old road to Poiana Brasov together. I talked and had such a good time I barely know how we got up. It was very nice and quick and it got me thinking of relations and interactions.

We said our goodbyes when we reached the parking lot, as my relatives wanted to hang out enjoying the nature and I planned to finally go to Postăvaru. It’s one of the first mountain names I learned as a child and I had never went up. It was time to change that.

We weren’t wearing gear which made us confident that we could actually walk to the top, so we took the cable. We got there in about 20 minutes, including the waiting time.

When we go there, I found a nice place in the sun where I could have kept my sweater off and have an amazing view. I took it in and then took some pictures.

While I was sitting there, I felt distracted by other people singing, people going by me, thoughts of needing to get down on time to avoid past mishaps…so many thoughts that I couldn’t just focus and enjoy. But then I started walking a little in different areas and saw various breathtaking views which made me stop, focus and breath.

I left thinking that I need to come back and walk up. We got back to Poiana Brasov by cable, bought a huge donut with cheese and sat down to make a video for my friend whose birthday it was that day.

After what it felt like a big lunch, we decided to walk home. Walking through the city center after I’ve been in nature is not among my favorite things. I wanted to prepare myself by enjoying something sweet, but I’ve never in my life seen such a huge queue for ice cream in my life. I admired the people, but I was not ready to be one of them.

Close to home I felt my shoes were starting to kill my legs, so I was really glad to take them off and put my feet in cold water. Oh, the joys of summer only wearing old shoes bring.

It was an amazing day as it’s been a very long time since I was outside for so many hours. At the end of the day I was tired, but satisfied as the sightings were wonderful, the conversations were great, the coffee was there and I deeply enjoy walking.

Make today count!

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