Good luck, dear ones!

Summer semester at the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work for the 3rd year students is over. It also means that part of my work, about a half of it, is over as well. I am having troubles not to be nostalgic this time, as I’ve known some of the students for three years now. In a way, we have been growing up together.

This is just a personal observation and it’s probably how life actually is, but the students in the third year are so different and so similar to the versions of themselves from three years ago. The naiveté is lowering; thankfully it doesn’t disappear all together. They are much more confident, seem to know much better what they want, despite the fact they may not be all that decided what’s the next step. It’s incredible how people mature, but how, at the same time, the essence of the individual remains more or less stable. In a way, they seem much connected to their micro-groups and know with whom they want to work, but are also open enough to work in teams with other colleagues as well. Lots of learning happened for me in this semester.

I love to have had the opportunity to see how some, about twenty people, developed over a three years period. I am glad to see that, despite the positive changes, people are still essentially not all that different. It was a good journey and it definitely feels good to have had the chance to work with people like this. It’s been a good semester for me and this people have contributed to making it what it was. For all of that, I am grateful.

It is now the time to write that thesis, take the exam and get the diploma. Good luck to all of you, dear students! Go make that change you want to have in the world happening!

3rd year, part of the students from the Strategies of conflict management course

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