Reflections after Easter Holiday

I spent about six days in Brașov at the end of April 2019 and, as always, it felt great. I love being at home, not just to meet my family and good friends, but also to eat a sandwich, drink some coffee and walk those streets. I have my routes and even though they slightly change, they are filled with memories I like to remember.

This time I had planned the activities so that I would go more than once in the city center. Basically I walked “pe Sub Tâmpa” (which seems to actually have an official name Tiberiu Brediceanu street), Tâmpa being the nice mountain with the Brașov Hollywood-like sign, walked up and down Republicii street multiple times. These are things I usually visit (almost) each time I go home.

Pe sub Tampa, with the Black church in the back, between the threes
Olimpia complex, the Black Church in the back and the Sports’ High-school (in the middle of the picture)

However, my long stay allowed for a walk on ”După Ziduri” street, which I love so much, but at times it can be quite cold and so I might choose Republicii street instead. I got up to the fortress ”Cetățuia de pe Strajă”, where I do not usually go. One need to walk up some stairs, not many, but enough to be discouraging at times. However, the views of the city are unique and it is a definitely must-see place in Brașov.

Nature and Art on “Dupa ziduri” Street

On the rainiest day we went to the Coresi mall and spent a lazy mid-morning and afternoon drinking coffee and sharing a box of delicious waffles from Brandfood with my cousin and high-school friends. After that, we celebrated my father’s 65th anniversary with even more cake (did I mention the gym I go to when in Brasov was closed? Sure, I wanted to take a yoga class, but still!).

It was a chill, hanging out trip, which allowed me the much needed space for relaxing and preparing for starting new projects – I should much rather say implementing very old ideas which should be brought to life soon, like yesterday.

One thought I had though, which made me be so present in that moment. I’ve heard, on and off in the last ten years, how living in Brasov is better than Bucharest and there were times when I wished I lived in Brasov. Even now there are times when I’d rather be home. And I love being home every time I am there. However, maybe what makes it that special to me is the fact that I’ve chosen to live somewhere else.

The thing was that I wondered how my life would look like if I had remained there. For sure, I can’t have any certitudes concerning this, but one: some things would have had never happened. And for that, I can’t feel anything else but at peace with my decisions. And excited to plan the next trip home!

More snails, because their so cute and interesting and lovely and I haven’t seen these many since I was eight. Back then, together with my brother and our best friend, Mirciu, we intentionally searched for them, after the rain had stopped.

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