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The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrive [or was it just me?]: We are starting a book club. I discussed the idea with my friends from Tritonic who were on-board the minute I opened up about this. Their support is actually what got the club starting. I am truly grateful for their support and engagement and I can’t wait to finally roll it out!

I wanted to be a part of a group like this for too long. I am not a literary critic and my intention is not to analyse literary text from an expert perspective. My intention is to discuss life matters starting from the characters and their behaviour and to discuss the lessons it teaches. I like to read and I know others do too. So why not get together and talk for a little bit?

I grew up with social media and I am intrigued by its power to connect people. But there is nothing like a good old face to face meeting to help us connect and share ideas. Surely, we use social media in this book club, in order to keep in touch, so follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

But, as you know, some of us get energised by spending time with other humans, so come join us for a good group talk.

The first meeting is on 18th of March 2020 and the first book we are reading is this: Block 46 by Johanna Gustawsson. The book is in Romanian, it has 331 pages and is highly engaging.

The book is available for purchase on Tritonic’s website at the shown price. A special price awaits for those who purchase it directly from the Tritonic Bookstore (Schitu Măgureanu no. 9, Bucharest) and attend the meeting. The special price is offered only for on-site purchases.

I must say one thing: after reading this book, you’ll need time to contemplate on life, human nature and human relationships. It involves serial crimes and cruelty [so be warned], while also portraying the power of collaboration, friendship and true love. So, yes, after reading it, it will be truly helpful to meet with us and discuss your impressions.

I need to say that this is the kind of book I am not known to be reading. When it’s not academic work, I am into rather soft actions. I actually took time to reflect on making this the first book of the book club and I discussed my concerns at length with people involved in the project. And exactly these discussions [and the time they took] helped us decide that this book is appropriate for a first meeting. The second book will be selected together with the participants on March 18th.

Why come?

Well, it will be fun! You will meet a group of people interested in reading and discussing the book we all read; if you don’t have the time to read the book, this is fine. Come join us and there will be plenty of moments for contribution. Our aim is to create a space for non-formal discussions. Our pretense is a book, but the goal is to connect with other people interested in reading and sharing their ideas. It’s supposed to be a space free of grades and formal evaluations, in which we have fun sharing opinions with each other.

I believe group meetings create a good platform for sharing ideas and for connecting with each other. What is life without connecting with others?

I am sure we are all busy and that it’s hard to find the time. We all have deadlines and million things to do. Including other books to read.

However, I think you will find the first book we propose intriguing. You will get the chance to contribute for the second selection, you will meet new people, you will discuss your ideas if you want or simply listen to those of others in a highly interactive space. And you’ll get the chance to choose the next read!

So come join us! The meeting will start at 16:00, on Wednesday, 18th of March 2020, at the Council Room in the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, UB, Schitu Măgureanu no. 9, Bucharest.

Make today count!

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