Updates on my first quarter of 2021

(8 mins read) This post is rather unstructured. I present the report of what I achieved in the last three months compared to what I planned; I argue that progress happens when we are consistent in our actions and not only when we do all that we planned to do – especially when what we want is hard and requires practice and focus.

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Cadoul perfect

(10 mins read) This is both written in Romanian and English.
RO: Descriu cum și de ce cred că am primit cadoul perfect. Sper că ajută ce să cauți când vrei să faci o surpriză plăcută cuiva.
EN: I describe how and why I believe I received the perfect gift. Hope this helps clarify what to look for when you want to pleasantly surprise someone.

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The world of emotions

(5 mins read) And now, with the social implications of the efforts undertaken to limit the spread of Covid-19, I believe it’s even more stringent than ever to recognise our emotions and to acknowledge them. It’s fine to be happy that we don’t have to go out or that we can work from home. It’s fine to be frustrated or even angry by uncertainty. It’s ok to miss friends and people you haven’t seen in a long time. It’s ok to feel powerless in your attempts to change the world.

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Opinie despre carte: Înstrăinare de Alina-Maria Duță

(6 min read). Am scris o scurtă postare despre ultima carte de ficțiune pe care am citit-o. Este despre reziliență, căutarea sinelui și acceptarea trecutului.

I wrote a little post about the last fiction book I read. It is about resilience, soul searching and making peace with the past.

The post is written in English and translated in Romanian.

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5 things I’ve learned from listening to books

(10 mins read) I need to warn the readers from the start that this post is focused on negative aspects concerning my experience with audio-books. I write about the lessons I learned for myself after using an audio-book app on my phone for about a year. I point out 5 reasons why I stopped consuming new audio-books, considering my own experience.

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