Book launch: Reziliență, by Bogdan Hrib

Every once in a while, by which I mean almost every day, I wish for more of what used to be “normalcy” before March 2020. Like meeting my friends or new people without it being rather dangerous. Sure, we can pretend it’s not a dangerous virus and use words and arguments to state our case. The objective reality however is not going to be changed with words, no matter how hard we try or how argumentative we are. 

On the 25th of July 2020 Bogdan Hrib launched the book Reziliența, which will be translated in English. We met in the garden of Coffee Factory coffee place in Bucharest with authors and friends and discussed not only the book in focus, Reziliență, but our own books too.

We maintained the proper physical distance, worn masks and talked about the books. Even though it’s not how it’s normally getting done, it was a nice chance to get outside, get some air and hang out with other people. Which is something we all need every now and again.

I am grateful for all the technology we have, for science, for companies making the products we need, for gardens and nature and for art. In the past six months I thought so much about the crucial place of art in the lives of humans. How would we managed to get through these times without books, music, photography and cinematography to name a few? Without sports, internet and devices? Without trusting that science will come up with an answer sooner or later? Without looking inwards and reflect on what’s truly important in our lives?

We’re living through challenging times and while it could be worse, it’s fascinating to realise how resilient we humans are. There may be personal dramas, stagnations, feelings of desperation, but the human kind has overcame much dire challenges to get where we now find ourselves. While it is a matter of wondering what each and every one of us can do to make things better, it is also a matter or focusing on self, introspect and decide what’s important to us and how we want to live our lives. Like the characters in B. Hrib’s book. has a good offer on books this month. Three books are sold at the price of two, so, if you are interested, go online and order yours. It’s never a waste to buy books you like.  Make today count!

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