I’m on vacation

Brașov 2020

So, I am on vacation. I spend about five to six hours working a day, but it feels like there is enough time to relax and spend time with family. As this is how I spend my holidays this year. I love the feeling, the deceptive feeling, that I have enough time. I know better than this, but I still like to hang out, relax and postpone somethings.

I am basically taking time for reading, writing, walking, hiking and being present with family. it’s a nice time. I drink the coffee, I read the book, I work on articles, I worry about climate change and the current state of the world, I make jokes, I eat the soup, I let my mother tell me the same story multiple times, I ask my father questions about current affairs, I walk up the mountains with my brother, I drink tea with my friend, while I also use the phone to connect with those who are at distance.

Well, this is what the end of August is all about. Enjoying the end of summer, while also getting ready for resuming work and projects. With September is time for new beginnings. It’s nice to have some things the same with every passing year.

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