One week with less social media. Thoughs.

Brasov, 2019

I’ve spent the last week being off from [most] social media. I am saying this because I still use Whatsapp and I can watch how to videos on Youtube. By this I mean how to cook something or repair something, not how to clean your closet, wake up at 5 am and improve your bullet point journal [yes, yes, I watched those and it’s more entertaining than I’ve ever expected]. The rule is that it needs to respond to a current problem and being bored is not one of them.

So far, this is what I’ve noticed after one week:

  • I am calmer, if possible;
  • I got to read more than I usually do;
  • I focused more than two to three hours on a single task without much interruption;
  • I managed to procrastinate less;
  • I got confronted by inappropriate past behaviours which are to be accepted as such;
  • I got much more present in my conversations;
  • I felt more inclined to do unpleasant tasks – what else is there to do?;
  • I’ve realised that I need to find a hobby which implies creating something while moving;
  • I am much more aware of my emotions;
  • I miss having easy access out of the physical reality;
  • The most important one of all: I actually have time to think.

These are not divided into positives and negatives for a reason. This reason is that all come loaded with both advantages and disadvantages.

This post is not to analyse whether it’s good or bad, for the time being it just is.

I do experiments like this all the time. I like to find advice that’s challenging the norms and test to find out how I am doing. The reasons behind this one are much deeper and it’s all connected to my need to live my life with much more intention, to know myself better and to stop being connected all the time.

I’m really curious what the next week will bring. Make today count!

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