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Every once in a while, I am asked what I am up to these days. In order to avoid answering with “nothing much”, which is actually the first thing that comes to my mind, I try to be polite and provide a few examples of how I am actually spending my time. Sometimes, my interlocutor is suggesting that I should take a break. It’s not always this direct, but rather more subtle as in “oh, you’re doing too much”. [Which is why this “nothing much” answer started to be used much more.]

However, I am taking time to relax and unwind, which is what I did in the last couple of weeks when I didn’t post. I had two very different, both great, weekends. Last week, I read and went for two long walks in the city, one on my own and one with the boyfriend. I still like to do things on my own and every now and then, which is actually once every other week, I usually go off by myself.

This weekend, however, I’ve been as lazy as it can get. I read and stayed in bed almost the entire time. I did a workout on Sunday tough and I would have done it on Saturday as well if only there had been warm water in the shower.

So, there were no posts on the last two Saturdays. I usually do take time during the week to write them, but these last couple of weeks were filled with online classes, so I just needed to take a break from my computer.

I will, however, get used to the new routine soon and so resume my postings. Thanks for checking them out.

Now, so that you don’t leave this page with only an update, I want to recommend you this amazing book I read last week. It’s titled Socrate în blugi [Socrates in jeans]. It’s an introduction into philosophy addressed to teenagers. It’s a dialogue between three characters, a grandfather, Toma, his nephew, Radu, and the best friend of the nephew, Tudor. It’s warm, kind and reflexive. It’s authored by Laurențiu Staicu, who is teaching at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Bucharest.

The book reminded me of my father who used to spend evenings in the kitchen talking to me about life and philosophy over a late dinner when I was way too young to really grasp the significance of our discussions. To this day, I still appreciate insightful discussions on the meaning of life to any random small talk, even when it leads to quarrels with my friends. Anyhow, the book is in Romanian and it can be found in any bookstore – just search for it on Google and find if they have it at the place you most like to buy books.

Life is never easy. But during these last few months, with all the incertitudes concerning the future, it made it all that much harder. Of course, life is change and is never certain. At times, we, people, get in some sort of comfort zone and we just take what we know for granted. For a short little while we forget that everything can just change. And then it does. In these moments, I find philosophy to be very comforting.

If you read the book and you like it, leave me a comment below. I’d like to know what you think!

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