What I reached in 2018

As I mentioned in a previous post, What is my December (almost) all about?, this month I take time to think about the goals I set in January 18, what I reached during the 12 months of 2018 and what I want to create in 2019. Earlier this week I wrote about my 2018 most important 5 lessons and now I continue with writing about the activities which got me to those lessons.

Basically, I made a list of goals in early 2018 and I now measure my results against it. I need to say that I monitored my progress throughout the year (mostly in the first part of it), but it wasn’t very organised. I could do better and next year, I will!

I believe I managed to achieve about 35.5% of what I initially planned. I wish I’d done more, but I need to acknowledge the fact that my objectives were a bit ambitious and that there are positive effects of drawing-up such a list. Thus, I am quite pleased with my results and I am looking forward to plan for 2019!

So, let’s see what I planned and what I ended up doing.

  • To read at least 2 books/month on the side of my work/studies:

So far so good. By 14.12.2018, I have read 20 books outside my studies and work. I hope to reach the 24 books, but it depends a lot on the plans we have for winter holidays. I usually get to read more when it’s cold.

I need to say that I reached the 20 books because part of them (about 7) were audiobooks. I walk to work as much as I can and thus I get time to listen to things. I used to love to listen to radio morning shows, but my favorite got cancelled and my non-iPhone makes weird noises when connected to headphones, so I stopped listening to radio. I subscribed to Audible, I download the book on my device and there I go. Now, to be honest, though I love the chance, I feel like I cheat a little bit and I am not totally thrilled with listening to books (but this is to be discussed at a different time).

So, this goal is 80% achieved.

  • To finish my thesis by July 2018.

I finished a first draft by September 18 and now I work on the final version. I will award myself with 50% achievement here, because I was way too optimistic.

During my struggles to achieve this goal, I realize I tend to think I can achieve more in a given period of time than I actually do, so of course my deadlines tend not to be achieved.

However, I believe I learned so much from trying to reach this goal, about myself: how I work best, how important perseverance is, how I like to work at my own pace, how I produce my best work, how my support system is extremely valuable for me. It is the ride of my life, so far.

  • To get that driver’s licence.

Well, this is a complete failure. Nothing was done on this front. I don’t even feel sorry for it, but it completely made me realize the story I tell myself about it is much stronger than any rational decision-making process. I hope I will change the story.

So, 0% achieved.

  • To start my business.

I’ve decided to postpone this for 2020 and by then, to focus on improving my strengths, draft the business plan, learn more about the field of my interest, to practice it a little bit and generally, to get as prepared as I can.

The decision was influenced by the fact that I have so much on my plate right now and in August I decided to accept an additional role by end of 2019, so the context seemed less favorable than I wanted it to be. I am sure it will happen though: the more I read, the more I am sure I want to practice being an entrepreneur.

This is about 5% achieved, because I am on my way. But at the very beginning.

  • To write one research proposal for funding.

No research proposal was written; I have some research ideas though and I am really looking forward to finish my important projects this year, so that I would be able to shift my priorities around.

0% achieved.

  • To weight 55 kg.

Not at all achieved. I go to the gym twice per week and I aim for three. Five, actually, but I am super ambitious. I was on a high carbs diet and that didn’t work out very well for me in the last two years. Now I adjust, but unfortunately, I eat way too much sugar. drink way too much coffee and have no eating schedule what so ever. Since October, when we moved to a new flat, it’s been a roller coaster, but I will take control over this again. Probably with a different end goal, I never cared too much for numbers.

This is not achieved, but I will award myself with 5% achieved, as I lost some weight and I feel way more confident.

  • To spend one week at the seaside during the vacation.

I spent three days at the seaside. But I consider this 100% achieved because we had a wonderful 12 days in Germany trip and it was what I wanted. More than I wanted to go at the seaside.

What can I say: in winter, with the cold weather, I sometimes miss the sun and the beach and I think about it more than I do when it’s actually summer and hot.

Plans changed. But the essence of the goal was reached, because what I really wanted was to get away for some time, to relax, have fun and not to worry about the thesis. 100% for this one.

  • To spend at least one week with my family in Brasov.

I managed three to four days. In my defense, I would have loved to spend more time, but with the renovations and my need for time to write peacefully, I couldn’t achieve it. Christmas is near though and our plans are not yet set in stone. So, who knows, maybe a week in Brasov will finally happen.

For the moment, let’s say it is about 30% achieved, as I spent more time with the family, but not as much as I wished.

  • To post on a monthly basis on my blog.

I’ve gotten better at this, but there were months when I posted nothing.

I used to write on faracasa.workpress.com and then I moved here. I guess there are about eight months with no posts. In the months I posted though, I posted more than once, so I will consider this goal achieved.

It’s not achieved in the manner I intended, that’s for sure, but it got me in a rhythm, it made me think a lot about why blogging is important to me and I am more convince than before I want to do this. For this reason, I consider this 60% achieved.

  • To publish one article and one book.

One article it did got published, but it was collective work and some of the work was done last year. For this reason, I would say this goal is about 25% achieved only.

I am working on a new article and I want to get my thesis published, so let’s see what next year has to bring.

Doing this exercise in 2018 as important for me and I kind of realized the following:

  • I focused on only some of the things which are important to me;
  • My list is definitely oriented toward ideals and because of it, the things which I did and knew they will need to be done are not on the list. As such, some things I achieved, which took time to get done, are not on the list;
  • I am more convinced having clear goals is valuable, thus I have some ideas about how I can formulate them better for next year.

Having a list of goals to focus on has directed my actions in 2018 quite a bit. I am more self aware and optimist because of it. For sure, without feeling I reached rock bottom in November 17 and without actually reaching it in January 18, I would not be standing in front of my computer feeling hopeful and grateful for my experiences.

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