Updates on my first quarter of 2021

(8 mins read) This post is rather unstructured. I present the report of what I achieved in the last three months compared to what I planned; I argue that progress happens when we are consistent in our actions and not only when we do all that we planned to do – especially when what we want is hard and requires practice and focus.

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Săptămâna 2 a dietei de social media

(10 mins read) Schimbarea oricărei diete este un proces dificil pentru că presupune realizarea de modificări în ceea ce pare „normal” pentru noi. Și, în ciuda unei bune planificări, pot apărea rezultate surprinzătoare sau chiar consecințe neintenționate. Scriu, desigur, despre cea digitală…

Changing any type of diet is not easy because it involves making changes in the way we ‘normally’ do things. And despite careful planning, there may be some unexpected findings or even unintentional consequences. I write about the digital one, of course…

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