My love of Friday evenings

(10 mins read) I was about to write a post about the magic of Friday evenings. I am very fond of them and I just figured it’s time for a chilled, warm feeling post. Somehow, I managed to get to my tips to combat procrastination. I could revise the post and change it, but this is how my mind works. I got more philosophical by the end. Have a great week!!

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The world of emotions

(5 mins read) And now, with the social implications of the efforts undertaken to limit the spread of Covid-19, I believe it’s even more stringent than ever to recognise our emotions and to acknowledge them. It’s fine to be happy that we don’t have to go out or that we can work from home. It’s fine to be frustrated or even angry by uncertainty. It’s ok to miss friends and people you haven’t seen in a long time. It’s ok to feel powerless in your attempts to change the world.

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La pas prin Cotroceni

(5 mins read) La ultima plimbare prin Cotroceni am făcut câteva poze pe care le postez aici. Am scris câteva rânduri în română și engleză, dar pozele sunt, de fapt, baza aici.

I added some pictures from my last walk in Cotroceni. I wrote something in both English and Romanian, but this post is centered around the pictures mostly.

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